Also known as lichen simplex chronicus, neurodermatitis is a skin condition that causes itchy patches of skin, and it occurs in both genders along with all age groups. Unfortunately, scratching the skin will make the rash worse, so an individual must find ways to reduce the itchy sensation. Taking oral antihistamines can relieve the itchiness, but an individual can also use topical ointments that contain specialized ingredients that will reduce the itchy sensation. The rash is more common on the hands, ankles, scalp or neck.

This type of dermatitis occurs after irritation to the skin, such as rubbing on rough clothing. It is also more common in individuals with other varieties of skin problems. Stress or insect bites can make neurodermatitis worse, so it is important for an individual to avoid these triggers. When an individual has neurodermatitis, the skin under the rash or the sores will become thicker. This thickened skin will have nerves that are extremely sensitive, leading to an intense and chronic sensation of itchiness.

There are topical over-the-counter corticosteroid ointments that can reduce the sores or the rash from the neurodermatitis, but an individual may need prescription corticosteroids instead. If the skin is infected from this skin problem, then a physician may recommend oral antibiotic treatment. Hydrating the skin with creams or lotions frequently can also reduce the incidence of having neurodermatitis. This skin condition may have a genetic component, and if an individual has an autoimmune disorder, then she is more likely to have neurodermatitis.