Secrets of Caring for Eczema: Dos and Dont’s

Avoid perfumes, colorings and preservatives

Take care in what products you apply to your child’s skin. Your child’s skin is sensitive and needs to protected from harmful additives that may cause irritation. Generally speaking products containing perfumes, colorings and preservatives will be more likely to irritate the skin and trigger an eczema flare up.

Avoid soaps

Normal soaps are very drying and damaging to sensitive skin. A young child who has no signs of actual dirt on their skin will often only need to be washed with water. However if a cleaner is required choose a non-soap product that has been designed for sensitive skin.

Talk to your child

Having eczema can often make a child feel outcast from other children, especially as they get older. Talking to your child, explaining their condition to them and encouraging them to take an active part in the care of their skin will often help them to cope with their eczema and feel more comfortable being around other children.

When your child starts school it is also advisable to discuss the condition with your child’s teacher. Chances are the teacher will already be familiar with eczema and will be only too happy to help with your child’s care at school and to discuss the condition with the other children.


Eczema is often triggered by different foods. When introducing new foods to young children it is always advisable to go slowly and monitor the skin as you go to ensure that a new food introduced to the diet does not trigger the eczema.

When older a food diary is often helpful to identify foods that are already in the diet that may be causing a problem. A food that triggers eczema in a young child will not always be a problem forever. It is worth trying the food again several months later to see if the sensitivity is still present.


Sometimes it is necessary to add supplements to your child’s diet to help control their symptoms. The most common supplement to be used is an omega 3 supplement that will help to reduce the inflammation as well as the itching and redness.