Treatment Options for Childhood Eczema

It’s all Trial-and-Error

First and foremost when treating a child with eczema you should moisturise the skin. Children with eczema always have very dry skin and applying a moisturizer daily or more often will help to control the symptoms and reduce the risk of the skin becoming cracked and an infection developing.

Add bath oil to the bath

The skin can be moisturized by adding a bath oil to the bath water or applying a moisturizing emollient directly to the skin immediately after bathing and during the day.

In conjunction with moisturizers a specially formulated cream designed to control the symptoms of eczema should be used. There are many such creams available ranging from the traditional steroid creams to the new prescription non-steroid creams and the natural creams.

Most natural creams can be bought over the counter and used for as long as the eczema is present. Unlike the steroid and prescription non-steroid creams, which are designed for short-term use only.

Take the Time to Experiment

Due to the individual nature of child eczema creams to treat the condition will have a varying effect on each individual. What works well for one person may be of no benefit to another. This means several creams may need to be tried before a suitable one is found for a particular individual.

The only way to completely control a child’s eczema symptoms is to identify and remove all triggers. Unfortunately, this is not always possible however identifying and removing as many triggers as possible will significantly reduce the symptoms and make the overall condition easier to control.